b. 1986, HK.



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With my roots firmly planted in the studies and practice of fine art and graphic design, I quickly found my passion for youth culture by hosting underground art shows in Cape Town and playing web curator by night as one half of online mag, B-familiar.

My growing curiosity and understanding of the scene soon led me to a home with youth engagement specialist agency, ANDPEOPLE. Having joined the studio in its infancy and as their primary art director, my role quickly developed into leading up their design and content creation for several years on an exciting portfolio of international and youth-relevant brands. With them, I have been fortunate enough to have had my hand on everything from web development and spatial design to film treatments.

With a keen interest in the entrepreneurial spirit of the South African youth, I am now drawing on my past experience in a freelance capacity to help build and develop young local brands through consultations and managing creative projects and partners holistically for them. 

CV available upon request.