I ART JOBURG | Mural Map

adidas Originals' I ART JOBURG Mural Map

Working with the ANDPEOPLE team as art director and designer on adidas Originals I ART JOBURG, we were fortunate enough to work with world renowned artists including Steve ‘Espo’ Powers, Roa, Cameron Platter, Falko and Remed. We then worked closely with the Maboneng Precinct and the City of Johannesburg to secure large scale walls for the artists to paint on, all within a walking distance of AREA3 in downtown Johannesburg, Maboneng Precinct. The concept was to create an urban exhibition that would live on long past the events, films and workshops and be something that people from all parts of Johannesburg could enjoy.

This mural map was designed with the purpose of guiding people through the urban exhibition and giving information on the artists. It also served the purpose of driving the association with partner adidas Originals; giving them credit for the support of the project as well as highlighting the positioning and role of AREA3 going forward. The maps were distributed primarily from AREA3 but also through other cool stores in Maboneng and around Johannesburg City.


Design by Kim Terri Smith
Portfolio photography by Ian Engelbrecht