BOTTLD Cocktails | Launch Event

Expertly crafted, small-batch, premium cocktails and blended spirits make up the Bottld brand. Having been a part of the development for this Alliance Brands project from its beginnings (which involved managing a team of local designers to create the labels and branding for the full range of eighteen drinks, including designing some myself), it was a big highlight to manage and design the official launch experience of it at The House of Machines (THoM) and see it on its way.

The launch, which was held on 17 February, was dedicated to the eight cocktails within the range. Having only the Bottld logo and a collection of labels to work with, I got to build on and develop the brand CI before tackling the various elements needed to hold a memorable event. I approached this challenge by embracing the brands' fun and playful personality by drawing out a highlight colour from each of the eight cocktail labels to create an exciting colour palette. These were then used in a circle format that mirrors the drinking experience through the shape of glasses, bottles and bubbles. 

As the brand is exclusively available at THoM, a full take over of the bar seemed appropriate for the day. Starting with an eye-catching window vinyl that saw over 250 bubble stickers individually applied (the window take-over being a bold first for the bar), it was made sure that the brands arrival and availability at THoM was noticed. The bar was closed to the public and the launch took on two phases, the first of which was a specially set up tasting & educational session for our media guests, after which friends and family of THoM were invited to join the party.

The media tasting experience played on the idea of 'claiming a seat' at the bar as each table was set up with all the garnishing and elements needed to create each of the eight cocktails themselves. In a simple and fun way, this emphasised the practicality and convenience of the Bottld brand - no need to leave your seat or wait tirelessly for your cocktail to be mixed, just pour, garnish & drink. This was easily followed due to a specially designed placemat which aided them through the step-by-step demonstration by head barman, Marshall Siavash. 

As additional education on the brand and continuing the 'placement' concept, the full range of eighteen cocktails and blended spirits were allocated a space along the bar counter with descriptions that informed guests of flavours and base spirits. The well known frames that take over the THoM bar wall were also switched out with Bottld imagery and posters that displayed the bottle labels and artist information to form a mini exhibition. All the above will remain in the bar, along with the window installation, for the next month for continued brand awareness and promotion of weekly drink specials.

Director: Brad Armitage
Design & Art Direction: Kim Terri Smith
Project Management: Farryl Purkiss
Photos: Andy Lund