Guy's Chop Shop CI

Guy's Chop Shop | Logo | Hand-painted Signage

When my dear friend officially changed his hair salon's name from 'Jan & Guy's Hair' to 'Guy's Chop Shop', I was lucky enough to work on the redesign.

After humble and ambitious beginnings, the original salon in Stellenbosch started a new and well deserved chapter with Guy Kleinhaus taking over the shop in its entirety. His well-known and unmatched attention to detail in hair is finally being shown through his newly revamped space, worked on through consultation over more than a couple of beers. In addition to a new, clean-cut space done up in metro-tiles and light wood counter tops, I designed a new logo to match his new image and attitude. 

It was decided that the logo would be the highlight of his shop window and in keeping with Guy's hands-on approach, we decided the best application would be to have it hand drawn. Armed with a pile of Posca pens and a mole stick, I headed through to the Chop Shop to get hands-on with his window, with the end result turning out to be a striking focal point on this busy street in Stellies. 

One of my favourite projects of 2015, you can now expect the freshest cuts and colours, a lot of light bulbs, a lot of plants, good coffee, hand signage and a general good time at Guy's Chop Shop. To simplify,

Girls. Boys. Goods.