All Gigs Free

Levi's® | All Gigs Free

Levi's® 'All Gigs Free' was a national initiative paying homage to the clubs across the country that are known for their support of the local music scene. On one night in April, Levi's® South Africa made 'All Gigs Free' to Levi's® wearers at The Assembly (Cape Town), Kitcheners (Johannesburg) and Arcade Empire (Pretoria).

Conceptualised  with the ANDPEOPLE team and working in capacity of producer, I worked on the production of the film below, the art direction of the photo booths and other creative collateral and also worked closely with photographers Morne Van Zyl, Liam Lynch and Nick Gordon to capture portraits of all Levi's® wearers on the night - creating a stockpile of original content for the brand to share through their social networks.



Produced by ANDPEOPLE for Levi's® South Africa
Filmed & Edited by Nelis Botha
Additional Footage by Regardt Botha and Werner Botha
Produced by Kim Terri Smith
Flyer design by Ian Jepson
Photos by Morne Van Zyl & Nick Gordon