Levi's® Live San Francisco

Levi's® | Customer Showcase | Live San Francisco

An important date in the Levi’s® annual calendar, this event was targeted and hosted specifically for key customers, with the objective of supporting the product and sales team in bringing these product stories to life in a novel way, while giving the buyers the information they need to plan for their channels. Working with the ANDPEOPLE team we brought this to life through an inspiration that saw the brand return to its’ roots: San Francisco.

To do this; we created a concept called ‘Live San Francisco’ – an execution that recreated Valencia Street – a well known street from San Francisco’s ‘The Mission’ – in Cape Town. We did this through building an elaborate set of the street and interpreting classic street staples – a deli, a motorcycle workshop, a bar and a fruit & vegetable stand – through a Levi’s® lens.

Through this concept, an ordinary fruit & vegetable stand became a way to showcase the brand’s product highlights by month, a deli became the home for Levi’s® icon products; and the motorcycle workshop fittingly, was used to bring to life the brands latest big innovation – 501® Customised & Tapered. The ‘stores’ were then supported by a street (and bike lane) that doubled as the fashion show runway, a park that included seating, a bar and food trucks; all contributing to creating a natural and authentic street experience. Guests were invited into the space and encouraged to interact with the street. Characters were stationed at each of the product capsules to guide them through the experience.

Working with the set builders, my involvement was to design the floor plan of the ‘street’ and each of the dedicated product capsules layouts and functions. I spent months designing unique identities, signage and branding for each of the ‘fictitious’ stores - from the packaging of the Deli’s onion marmalade and wine, the contents of tool boxes and framed pictures, to the vegetable stand itself. 


Director: Michael Leslie
Spatial Design & Art Direction: Kim Terri Smith
Project Management: Kone Ndlovu
Photos: Grant Payne