ZX Flux | Phase 02

adidas Originals | AREA3 | ZX Flux Launch | Phase 02

The second phase of the ZX Flux launch carried on the objective of continuously evolving AREA3. To ensure ongoing relevance and interest; we hosted a June scene-event to support the reveal of ‘Electricity’ through an installation that brought the bold colour way to life in an unexpected way.

Working with the ANDPEOPLE team as lead designer and art director, we drew inspiration from the product’s name and sheer luminosity. Updating the floor plan from the first phase launch, a wall was removed and through design I treated the use of the colour-way in the newly opened capsule as though it were a light source, draping and covering everything in its’ path. This bold application was both eye-catching and effective in drawing people into the space to where we had placed the shoes on podiums with individual light sources to best highlight the product. The shed was also further highlighted by neon flex lighting which articulated its design, while attracting the audience to explore further.


Director: Michael Leslie
Spatial Design & Art Direction: Kim Terri Smith
Project Management: Kone Ndlovu
Photos: Nelis Botha