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OoM | Ode to Araki

outrage of modesty | an ode to araki

Outrage of Modesty is our hidden speakeasy tucked discretely above a historic warehouse on Cape Town’s Shortmarket Street. An African first, the bar is a shrine dedicated to the ‘art of cocktail’, a constrained ceremony celebrating flavour and ingredients over hype and theatrics.

For our most recent menu, we have the celebrated Tokyo-born photographic maestro, Nobuyoshi Araki, who is notorious from east to west as our muse, and a prolific NYC cocktail veteran, Greg Seider, that has spent a career going against the norm and has founded award winning bars such as Summit Bar and Manhattan Cricket Club. Open five nights a week until late, OoM promises to rewrite the book on African cocktail culture, and provide a platform for new and bold flavours to meet and new frontiers to be forged.

This is the passport sized menu that I designed for the occasion, a cocktail storybook featuring a collage of some of Araki's more modest imagery.

Studio: Alliance Brands Limited
Director: Brad Armitage
Menu Design & Art Direction: Kim Terri Smith
Photos: Andy Lund